Dad Dublin och mum Mossa

Iva, Conovers Castle Ellen

Conovers Castle Ellen. A Lovely lille bitch with a lot of will to please. Carries Everything and retrieves it with joy and good speed dispite her youth. A fast learner, already knows several commands and loves to explore the human mind:) Iva left us after seven weeks for Germany and her lifelong family of people and flatcoats! I´m pretty sure she´ll wipe the floor with the competition on shows and other contests!


Cruft´s kvalificerad!!!!!


Ivas egen sida


B-flat flatcoated retriever

Brita Rydbäck

Håkan Hjelm

Lingvallsvägen 10

SE 805 98 GÄVLE



070-6776789 (Brita)

070-5746789 (Håkan)

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